Good news! I didn't need bail money!

I was so upset about that stupid warning message that I closed this project down and went to MTC to find an email address I could use to file my complaint. I received the auto-response email and then a

follow-up email within twelve hours. I guess they are trying and I will need to keep watch to see what happens.   


It's August now and we're still with the current site host for GHC.

I am supposed to be making some changes to the site but, cost is becoming a factor and I am going to need to force my sites to become self-supporting. Other than that, it is I am the same and I still have hope of seeing people pulling together for the betterment of the United States. I still like the casual page and it's another day that I'm sitting at my computer desk with a cup of coffee. The television is on but, it is muted. The cat is sleeping on the sofa. He is growing up. He still attacks with all claws and he still bites!

 I'm fine, thank you.  

August 8, 2018

Somewhere along the line I changed this format but, I didn't bother readers with the details. I think it is a good thing to put a fairly current date to the site which means I may not do this again until 2019.

 I am not a veteran.  
I am the daughter of a veteran and I do not claim 
to know much about military life.

I do know that my dad told me veterans should
use their benefits because they deserved them.
I am certain that my dad was right in his statement.

Leave it to anything associated to the government to make me wonder

what the heck those people are thinking. So I lied on my test answers.

Get over it. There are days that I feel down and blue. It's a fight to stay

positive and upbeat. This is why I've created this page. I am going to leave here and go back there to voice my opinion.

​Thank you, veterans. Have my bail money ready just in case!​​

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs​ is surely the place to start if you haven't already been there. I know that there has been a lot of bad press about the VA recently but, I also know there are a lot of people that are trying to improve the services that are available to veterans.  

March 16, 2016​

Things are still going well but, I had more work than I thought. It's worth it. I only need a few finishing touches on here before I publish.

Original posted 7/22/2015, updated 8/8/2018

Military.com is owned and operated by 
Monster Worldwide Inc. and it is the online presence of Military Advantage.  The site states that they are committed to the mission of connecting the military community to all the advantages earned in service to America.  Military.com is free to join and has over ten million members.

Original post from 3/24/2015

You're jumping right into this discussion!  Since my posts to this page get stacked on top of each other and I have no intention of correcting that, you are forced to join the conversation with today's events and work your way back through time.  

Yesterday I had a facebook conversation with Kristen of The Long Trail Home.  She and Matt Littrell are seeking funding for the ranch that Matt had dreamed of and have started a gofundme page to accept donations.  I am especially proud of Matt for staying true to his dream and accepting donations to help other veterans.

You can connect with Matt and Kristen through The Long Trail Home facebook page and at the MK Horsemanship facebook page too.

March 8, 2016 

The new site host that I am using is GoDaddy. When my domain came up for renewal, I saw that GoDaddy had improved their service and was especially pleased that they support the Semper Fi Fund. It was a win, win deal for me so I made the committent to change my website host. So far, so good! I'll keep you posted.

Make The Connection

This is especially funny to me. On my old web site I had a link to Make The Connection which is associated with the VA and I can not get the download link to work. I even sought advice from somebody that has more talent for this job and they had no luck! 

In the past few years, I have found that Make The Connection has some excellent resources for veterans. If you feel as if you have not had good experience with the VA, please give Make The Connection a chance. 

Okay! I was able to get my picture to have a hot link but, I had to resort to old school or, my 1995 knowledge as one person referred to it as. Funny! 

Make The Connection is on YouTube and they have a facebook page 

which has almost 3 million followers.

You can download information to share with others

from Make The Connection through this link.

Other features that MTC has are self-assessment, self-help and

recovery resources that are free and confidential.

I took the self-assessment test and read over the resources and

I was really surprised when the warning message popped up.