I received a request to post a link on this page for SeniorHomes.com.

     My skepticism directs my investigation of resources available for veterans and seniors but I must admit that the information contained on the site does appear to be a good resource to use when seeking a home for a veteran, disabled loved one or a senior.  I should also admit that a 55+ community is not too many years away from me​​ and I believe it can be a great option for people that are wanting to live independently without the hassle​ of being a home owner.  ​

     SeniorHomes.com​ is a directory of Senior Living Communities across the United States.  It also provides information about the different types of home care available.  ​From my personal experience, I would have greatly appreciate having the free Getting Started information that is provided.


​TRICARE Benefits​  This link is hosted through Military.com and is specific to Tricare benefits. Other benefit links are shown on a black navigation bar on this linked page. 

​FOCUS Project  

     FOCUS Project addresses concerns related to parental combat operational stress injuries and combat related physical injuries by providing tools to build family resiliency.

     FOCUS World​ resources are available on the site for those that are remotely located and cannot visit ​a facility.

​     The website, afterdeployment.org, is the DoD response to the 2006/2007 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) requiring an Internet-based platform focused on psychological health issues often experienced following a deployment. ​

United States Navy Chaplain Corps​
     The Chaplain Corps also has a 24/7 CHAT option available. When I visited the site I was required to enter and email address before I was connected with the chat. I was told that they only ask for an email in order to assign a case number to each contact. Google's gmail has free email service.


     MarineForLife.org has multiple assistance resources available for all military branches and their families.  


Veterans' Links