This page is a sort of diary as to my experience here at home.

Upon review of this page I'm pleased that the links are still relevant and have so much information available but I feel it's only fair to tell you that the page will take you back in time because I stack today's post on top of yesterday's.  For whatever reason you landed on this page, I pray that it is useful to you.

Tonight, I'm just bringing you into the conversation.   

Some time ago, I started to support The Long Trail Home.

Matt Littrell  is a former United States Marine Corps infantryman.   He is riding two mustangs from Camp Lejuene to Camp Pendleton to raise money for The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

I'm thankful there are so many individuals and organizations that are willing to help veterans. There are more opportunities available every day and I ask that you please put in some effort to find the support you need. 


I'm happy to tell you that Matt is getting settled at home.  

He has returned to performing farrier work on horses for customers in Colorado.  

If you're in Colorado and need a farrier for your horse,

I recommend his services. 


Matt and his team have completed The Long Trail Home and arrived in Oceanside, CA this past weekend.  After months of researching and learning about services available to veterans I have become very partial to the Semper Fi Fund.  The Semper Fi Fund helps veterans from all branches of the military.  Just don't give up.  There are an amazing number of groups that are located throughout the country that are willing to offer help and support.  It's not a cop-out to seek help.   It shows integrity.

Valhalla Ranch


I've been following Matt Littrell since he traveled across the United States in honor of veterans and when I think of Matt's travels, I am filled with pride to have had the opportunity to meet he and Kristen online. Their ranch is a spectacular facility that Matt and Kristen are both dedicated to building and maintaining for veterans that are recovering from PTSD. 

Your donation to Valhalla Ranch will offset the cost of building materials used for bunkhouses for veterans and fencing for the horses that are used for therapy. Follow The Long Trail Home on facebook for regular updates. 

Tonight, it's Matt Littrell that is shrewd.  Matt knows that veterans need a place to visit and he and his mate, Kristen have taken the initiative to build Valhalla Ranch so veterans will have a that place.  If you can afford to do so please donate to the ranch through the gofundme donation page for Valhalla Ranch.

Maybe the military teaches people to be shrewd.


Matt and Kirsten are still working at Valhalla Ranch helping combat veterans heal through horses. I have followed veterans that help veterans for a long time now and veterans take my breath away every time. Fortunately, veterans and their families throughout the country have created organizations to provide support, be it financial or emotional. If you feel alone, you're not. Valhalla Ranch is only only one example.


Diary entry:   When I was 14 my mom and I were on a trip and I overheard some men talking.  I was 14 and they were grown men but I already had the ability to ease drop!  I hear one of the men mention none other than my dad's name.  My heart started to pound.  I leaned in toward my mom and whispered to her that I thought these men were talking about Dad.  They continued to talk and sure enough they threw out details of his work that made Mom and I certain that they were talking about Dad!  The one man said, "Yep, he sure is a shrewd one".  They all agreed.