If it happens that you have a criminal record you are going to need to be aware that your job choices may be limited. You probably already knew that, but I thought it should be mentioned. That's a whole different subject. I hope you do not experience recidivism (which as of today ranks in the top 20% of dictionary lookups). Time served is time served. It's done and over.  If you are on parole, you need to be extra cautious to not be a number that's used to create the statistic of fifty-one percent returning to prison due to parole violations.  I'm guessing that somebody once referred to you as being "strong willed" and now is the best time to prove that this personality trait can be beneficial.

While you are looking for a job remind yourself what barrier

you have decided to overcome.  

Constantly remind yourself of how far you've come.

You can do this!!

You may not want to believe it but finding a job is stressful and can be an emotional time. It can be difficult to remain positive and you may get angry or depressed.  Big deal.  You're normal. Highs and lows come and go. You're demanding something of yourself. Just take control and do something to get rid of that stress. It's your choice!

Take the responsibility. 

You'll feel better in a little while.

Remember, you can do this!

Before you head out the door, review the resume you prepared. Employers may prefer that you fill out an application. This is fine because when you have a resume in hand

you're armed with a cheat sheet.

It's the author again. I know that you are

not completely interested in creating a career plan but,

one again I've tried to simplify it for you.

A "career plan" is easy.
Think about these questions.
What do you dream of doing?
What career do you want?
What do you value?
What have you always wanted to do?

Put some thought into your skills. Do you prefer to work with people or do you prefer a physical, “hands on” job?

Identify what might fit your personality. Since there are over 20,000 job titles the odds are you will fit into one of them until you convince your new employer to create a new title!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  The OOH is actually a cool book to browse through to get ideas about jobs that are available.

Now that you have put all of this effort into thinking about your job qualifications, you know why people that push a pencil and drive a desk are paid so well! That's not nice, brain power takes effort too. Now,  let's get to it. You need that stupid resume.  Here is where we get back to CareerKids.com.   This is as easy as it comes. Fill in the blanks. Yes, it is stupid but I doubt career counseling was your first choice. If it was, good for you! I hope that you will be kind and helpful to those that use your guidance.

NOTE: When I submitted a blank resume it took a minute for the document to appear. Fill in the blanks of the resume builder, click submit and listen for your computer to do the work.

Use the right click on your mouse and select print. 

This is a little present! You only need to work to get the job. This information is free!

New Resume Help, Entering The Work Force

You've been sitting around watching daytime television and keeping up to date with the news.  Whether you are new to the work force or returning to the work force after an extended period of living off of unemployment you've discovered that being home all day is not all you thought it might be and you need money to support your habit of eating.

This can be a sad moment and it can be troubling.  You start feeling as if you've done something wrong and wasted a lot of time.  You can beat yourself up pretty bad but, it's time to stop that.  You're at this web site because you decided to do something to correct this problem.

With the information here, you will have success.

This page is a little different than the Resume Help page as it focuses on people that are new or returning to the job market.    

One of the nicest free resources I have found is from CareerKids.com.  This link is for the free resources they have available. Please don't bother grumbling about the “kids” part of the site, that attitude is part of the reason you're here! I admit that it took pointing a finger at myself a time or two and accepting that I just like to break the rules. So, you don't know me and you don't care.  That's fine.  My rules are listed below.  (I will come back to CareerKids later in this page.)


1.  Accept where you are in your life.

2.  Demand yourself to do something to correct it. 

3.  Be ready to gratefully accept help.

Everybody has different reason for demanding something of themselves. It could be food, transportation, health, clothing or family. You've already made a decision to do something. Now is the time to take action.

Please do not bother telling a lie on an application nor during an interview. It will only prove to be a waste of everybody's time.

Prepare yourself to answer questions about your past during an interview. Plan to dress for success so you will be more confident. Do your best to be respectful.

The author would like to take a moment and call your attention to the fact that I am aware that some adult in your life taught you these things that are fairly simple.  You know, be polite and that kind of stuff. It's no big deal. Trust me, you won't be the first person to walk out of an interview mumbling something that rhymes with broken glasses!

Just take a deep breath and read on so that you can get that job.

A personal note from the author:   The Veterans page on this site does not have resume and job help listed but, it does have resources that may be of assistance.  I feel strongly about veterans getting a fair deal and adding more to our society.  I also believe that veterans placed themselves into an elite group that I never had an opportunity to be part of.  Yep, the US military was much like the Girl Scouts in the fact that they didn't want me to be part of their club!  In our defense, we civies were left to hold the fort and we weren't perfect.  Now that you're back home and reading this page I'm be honored to welcome you home. Times haven't changed much, it just seems as if they have.  Feel free to use  the GHC facebook page to contact me for any specific information you may need.  ~Kara


It takes a great deal of thought to go out there and get a job.  It helps to look at it from the employer's perspective to know how you will fit into their business.  If you landed here before our Resume Help page you may want to visit there.

I invite you to visit the Social page so that you can connect with me.  I share jobs that I see online while I am researching information for this site.  

An afterthought here:  Dress the part.  You can get decent clothes for an interview at your local Goodwill store.  If you're not a fashion person take the time to browse around online or at a local retailer.  Note the brand names, look for American made and you will find it will be a great investment of your time.  It's not rocket science, nice clothing makes you feel

better and make a nicer appearance.

You aren't making a lifetime commitment, 
you're looking for a job!

Page updated October 4, 2018