The Bottom Line Matters

Business is business.
It's all about the bottom line.
With all of the bells and whistles out there,
we maintain that business is business.
There are three types of gaps that exist.
Knowledge, belief, and action.
Cure these problems by acquiring some basic
knowledge and know-how.
Believe in your business and your teammates.
Take action or you'll never get results.


Lean, Six Sigma, Kai zen, they all refer to the bottom line.
It's easy.  

Managers analyze problems and implement solutions
to make production more cost effective.
Then, they do it again.  
You can make your job easier by 
using the tools linked on this page.

Takt Time

Takt is derived from the German word taktzeit and translates to 'cycle time'.  This term is used within industries to match production to demand.  Takt time is equal to available production time per day divided by customer demand.  There is quite a history that goes with the term and you can find many references online.  At the very least, you will realize why you're feeling tired at the end of the day!  When we broke our day down into seconds it helped us realize the value of each moment.


Where should you start?  

Every business can use a little creative thinking.  
Visit World Class and they will
help inspire you to make
better use of your time and money.

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