I first bought into Amazon Prime because I live in a rather remote location and don't necessarily feel like driving for an hour to get computer parts. Nor do I always have interest in driving thirty minutes to the grocery store to get cat food. 

So, I've been using Amazon Prime for a few years and I have found that the membership fee pays for itself in gas savings. 

I'm not the person that gets the most out of my Amazon Prime membership. Members receive free shipping on Prime orders but, they also get early access to deals, access to Prime Music and Prime Videos, as well as access to use the Prime Pantry and Prime Dash elements.

To me, the best part is that I am able to share my membership with family members and ship to different addresses if I so choose.

Recently, my husband ordered parts from the Amazon automotive department and he was thrilled to find that he not only save money on the parts but, having them delivered to the door made the job a little less stressful.   

I usually buy gift cards at Kroger and during the summer months I received double gas points. Again, the gas savings pays for the membership! 

I wish I would have participated in Amazon Prime when my children were young. Having the laundry detergent delivered to my front door is nice.  As for the business aspect of the Amazon Prime membership, it's perfect for ordering everything from paper products to employee gifts. 

Trust me, using the Amazon Prime membership makes for an excellent deal!

Amazon Prime is a great gift! 

Click the above link to join or give the gift of Prime.  

Remember to look at the daily deals that update regularly.