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Small businesses always have a difficult time finding easy, low-cost ways to advertise. As a business owner, you consider the cost and weigh the options. We put together a list of ideas that you may want to consider before you invest in marketing.  Facebook and Twitter are excellent resources to use, but be sure to provide the proper information so that interested clients know how to get in touch with you.
(You will find free PDF documents linked at the bottom of this page.)
     1.  Use coupon books.
          > Coupon books that are published locally require you to do some research on your own before you commit to this option. Some are just better than others. Consider the quantity of books distributed vs. the average response. The publicist should supply this information.
     2.  Participate in local events and festivals.
          > This is not only a great way to get your community familiar with your business it is also a chance for you and your employees to get to know your customers personally.
     3.  Encourage your employees to talk about their jobs.
          > When employees talk about the business that they work for, their friends and neighbors are more inclined to use your business because they know somebody that is involved with it.
     4.  Have your press releases and ads published in local newspapers.
          > With the changes in media many local papers offer package deals that include web site graphics displayed as well as the printed ads. You may just get more bang for your buck.
     5.  Distribute flyers and business cards at local shops.
          > Local shops are inclined to allow you to leave signs and business cards at their locations, as long as you're not in competition with them. 
     6.  Use a free blog site.
          > Blogs are an easy way to express what you are passionate about.   You don't need to write a book, just be sure to include your location and the services you offer.
     7.  Create a YouTube account and upload videos.
          > YouTube allows you an opportunity to show off your work.  You do not have to make a long video and you can even make a slide show of photos.  People like pictures.
     8.  Talk to your local television service.
          > Television services frequently partner with local schools to allow students the  opportunity to produce commercials which generally means a cost savings is reflected to you.
     9.  Donate to local youth sporting events.
          > A small donation will usually get your business mentioned or published in a program.  Parents will remember that your business supported their child's interest.
     10.  Keep your eyes open for bulletin boards.
            > Many grocery stores, libraries, and restaurants allow businesses to post fliers or business cards with no questions asked.  It is considerate to ask for permission, but it's usually not a problem.
Social networking is certainly a good option to gain exposure for you business, but depending on available manpower you might prefer something else instead.  (Social networking can be very time consuming.)  However you decide to market your business, keep in mind that time is money and remember to stay true to your goal.  
You are welcome to join the #FBLT G+ Community.  #FBLT was originally created byToyota Lift of Minnesota as an opportunity to use Twitter and facebook to build B2B connections with other like-minded businesses.  The community is open and free of charge.  Your ROI is dependent on the time you invest.  

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